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Product Search Results for Hardware
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marine hardware

marine hardware - 01

We adopt the silica colloid technique to manufacture castings in material of stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel and cast iron. We have advanced CNC equipment for precision parts. Our main products are marine hardware, construction hardware... More

Dongying Xinyu Precision Metal Co.,Ltd
Main Products: Investment Casting, Precision Casting, Molding, Machining, Polishing... More
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Rising  hardware

Rising hardware - J-03

Rising hardware fits in the desk, bed... More

Fwang Tzay Enterprise Corp
Main Products: Furniture Hardware... More
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Home Hardware

Home Hardware - P04

Fermax Machinery Co., Ltd.
Main Products: steel or alloy parts for bicycle and frame, home hardware, chain cover and saddle tube for sport bicycle... More
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construction hardware

construction hardware - 001

As a major manufacturer of investment castings, we adopted the lost-wax process to serve a huge variety of markets that require metal parts in carbon steel, stainless steel and different kinds of alloy steel, including construction hardware, marine... More

Cheonseng Precision Foundry Co.,Ltd
Main Products: investment casting, hardware, glass clamp, rigging, hinge... More
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Kitchen Hardware

Kitchen Hardware - Xxxxx

Kitchen... More

Dongying Hainel Precision Metal Co., Ltd.
Main Products: marine hardware, precision casting, kitchen hardware, buildin hardware... More
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hardware tools

hardware tools - 4018

Our products:hardware tools,power tools,bicycles,motorcycles,garden tools,electronic products,electronic equipment,cables and plugs. please browse through www.huaxia-hardware.com or you can contact... More

Huaxia Hardware & Electronics Co.,Ltd
Main Products: hardware tools, power tools, bicycles, motorcycles, garden tools... More
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concrete construction hardware wedge bolt

concrete construction hardware wedge bolt - hardware

wedge bolts as hardwares to tie the pannels in... More

Hanpiao Metalwork Co.,Ltd
Main Products: flat tie, wedge bolt, wedge, nominal tie, full tie... More
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