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Product Search Results for Lathe
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Hardware Metal Parts

Hardware Metal Parts - Hardware Metal Parts

Test equipment: equipped with 2.5D image measuring instrument, high resolution projector, surface roughness tester, hardness tester, microscope, and all required pin gauges. Machining machine: Japan CITIZEN CNC lathes computer, Swiss type CNC Lathe... More

Main Products: parts for bicycle, auto, electronic, machinery, bathroom hardware... More
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Flange - 232#

Titanium Alloy Parts;Stainless steel partsMaterial: GR2 TitaniumAccuracy: ?##and###amp;plusmn;0.025mmCraft route: CNC lathe*2-Miller-Laser printing-Ultrasonic cleaningFeature: Tight tolerance on co-axiality and on the sealing groove!!spec!!fea.Tight... More

Shenzhen Aidely Electromechanical Co., LTD
Main Products: Titanium Alloy Parts;Precision Fixture;Aluminum Alloy Parts;... More
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GSK980TDb GSK983M CNC controller

GSK980TDb GSK983M CNC controller - CNC system

GSK CNC Equipment products including:GSK980TDb/GSK980TDa CNC Turning center/lathe controller: 1spindle plus 2 simultaneous feed axes, color LCD with graphics display, 0.001mm distinguishability, PLC ladder program, 2 axes line/ arc... More

Gsk CNC Equipment CO., LTD.
Main Products: cnc controller, cnc system, ac servo motor and driver, spindle... More
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Gear - ATMG-02

We are experienced in machining part, more than 30pcs lathe ,5 pcs CNC machining12pcs hobbing machine and 8pcs grinding ,and milling,drilling,main product: Gear,worm,cone worm,shaft,gear shaft,piston,widely used in carting part, transmit part, reducer... More

Ningbo auto vehicle accessory manufacturing Co.,ltd
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Armoured Vertical Shield for Machine Tools

Armoured Vertical Shield for Machine Tools - F Series

Accordion cover pass ISO and CE certificate, and has good price and best quality with good reputation at home and abroad.accordion cover will be packed in carton or wooden,and the delivery will be in timeDelivery Time: after one weekPayment Terms: L/C,T... More

Bf Accessory
Main Products: bellows, machine cover, shield, drag chains, pipes/tubes... More
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solid soft jaw

solid soft jaw - Solid Soft Jaw

Zhedong Machine Tools Accessory Co.,Ltd
Main Products: chuck, lathe chuck, scroll chuck, clamps, independent chuck... More
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four jaw independent chucks

four jaw independent chucks - K72

k72 series four jaw independent chucks are of cylindrical center mounting connected to the spindlenose by... More

Botex trading co.,ltd
Main Products: lathe chuck... More
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3 jaw self-centering chuck

3 jaw self-centering chuck - K11

k11 series self-centering chuck are provided with a set of internal jaw s and external... More

Botex trading co.,ltd
Main Products: lathe chuck... More
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Mid-Size Handwheel -  CHDW-AX

Mid-Size Handwheel - CHDW-AX - CHDW

Applicable to CNC machine by providing HOME position, stepadjustment and interrupt signal.■ Standard LINE DRIVER output for long-distance transmission■ Design for short body and back-side installation■ Ease of installation■ Dust & Waterproof (IP65)■ Low... More

Future Life Technology Co. Ltd.
Main Products: cnc manual pulse generator, switch, encoder, cnc panel, spin window... More
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Casting parts

Casting parts - Casting parts

Get best quality castings, machined or un-machined, according to the international standards and made exactly as per your requirements, drawings & tolerances and in wide choice of metal specifications.Application:Auto spare parts, Motorcycle spare parts... More

Kunshan JST Industry Co., Ltd
Main Products: Hardware, Machining parts, Casting parts, Stamping parts, Sheet parts... More
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CNC parts

CNC parts - CNC parts

we supply various types and specifications of CNC parts:plating: galvanized(blue,white,black), chromeplated, Nickel-plated, gold-filled and so on. Inner packing: plastic bagOuter packing: In cartons, wooden cases, or according to customers'... More

Dongguan KeBiao Hardware Product consultants Limited
Main Products: screw, bolts and nuts, rivets, CNC parts... More
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XJK6330A CNC milling machine

XJK6330A CNC milling machine - XJK6330A

XJK6330A CNC milling machineSpecification(XJK6330A):CAPACITY1.Worktable Size (mm) 300x12702.Amount/Width/Pitch of T-slot (mm) 3/14/803.Max. worktable load (kg) 400MAX. TRAVEL1.X-axis 850/950mm2.Y-axis 300mm3.Z-axis 110mm4.Beam travel: 580mm5.Beam... More

CNCmakers Limited
Main Products: CNC controller system, AC Servo Motor Drivers, Spindle Motor Amplifier... More
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casting die,die casting,castings,casting,forging,forge

casting die,die casting,castings,casting,forging,forge - casting die

casting die,die casting,castings,casting,forging,forge,machinery parts,parts manufacturer,parts export,china part manufacturer,Forgings manufacturer,Lathe processing products,casting die,aluminum casting die,castings,forging,aluminum forgings,shaft... More

Xingming metal manufacturing Co.,Ltd
Main Products: machinery part, lathing parts, casting part, parts manufacturer, lathe... More
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