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Product Search Results for Lathe
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TURN240G Mini Lathe Machine

TURN240G Mini Lathe Machine - TURN240G

1.Widely useful, operation very easy, processing scope widespread2.Precision-manufactured, taper roller bearings in P5 quality3.Guaranteed concentricity precision of the main spindle less than 0.009 mm4.Concentricity precision - lathe chuck smaller than... More

Yangzhou noah star machinery tooling co.,ltd
Main Products: machine tools, drilling and milling machine, drilling machine, sawing... More
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Horizontal CNC lathe manufacturers

Horizontal CNC lathe manufacturers - 4534524653

CNC lathe manufacturersHorizontal CNC lathes manufacturersMetal CNC lathe manufacturersMetal Horizontal CNC lathes manufacturersCNC lathe priceHorizontal CNC lathes priceMetal CNC lathe priceMetal Horizontal CNC lathes priceMetal CNC lathe for... More

Anhui Huyin Machine Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd
Main Products: hydraulic shearing machine/press brake/bending machine/CNC lathe/line... More
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Single Spindle Automatic Lathe

Single Spindle Automatic Lathe - LA25

The single spindle automatic lathes model LA and TA, are used for the manufacture of a great variety of simple and complex turned parts which are relatively short as compared with their diameters. For example, bolts, screws, nuts, sleeves etc., all kinds... More

Likon Machinery Co., Ltd.
Main Products: automatic lathe... More
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Gap Lathe

Gap Lathe - Series 63 & 103

We are the biggest LATHE manufacturer& designer in the middle of China. We can supply different Universal Lathe,Gap Lathe,CNC lathe,CNC milling machine,CNC machining center,CNC grinding machine with durable & precision quality and good price.... More

Changsha Jinling Machine Tool Co., Ltd
Main Products: Universal Lathe, Gap Lathe, CNC lathe, CNC milling machine, CNC machining... More
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Vertical lathe

Vertical lathe - Vertical lathe

The Vertical lathe features1 The series vertical lathes can be used for mechanical processing such as rough and finishing machining inside and outside the cylinder, inner and outer conical surface, head face,grooving etc.2 The main shaft of workbench is... More

Dalian New Earth Machinery Co.,Ltd
Main Products: vertical lathe, vertical lathe china, CNC vertical lathe... More
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Lathes, Bench

Lathes, Bench - Lathes, Bench

-Height of centers over bed 110mm -Max. Distance between two centers 520mm/350mm -Max. Swing diameter over bed 200mm -Max. Swing diameter over carriage 122m -Max. Length of turning 520mm/350mm -Spindle hole diameter 20mm -Spindle tape bore No. 3 -Spindle... More

Anhui yiyou household machine tool co.,ltd
Main Products: Bench lathe, milling and drilling machine, vertical drilling machine... More
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rib lath

rib lath - expanded metal mesh

Stiffended by longitudinal ribs, gives a uniform coat depth for large areas. Provides an excellent plaster base. It's ideal for providing a high degree key of mechanical bonding with plaster... More

Anping Linnetting Wire Mesh Factory
Main Products: high-ribbed formwork, rib lath, corner bead... More
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Lathe machine

Lathe machine - Lathe machine

China Lathe machine:Vertical lathe factory: Dalian New Earth Machinery Co.,Ltd, It is one of the largest vertical lathe manufacturer in China, the main products: conventional vertical lathes, CNC vertical lathes, CNC High-speed vertical lathe, Vertical... More

Dalian New Earth Machinery Co.,Ltd
Main Products: vertical lathe, vertical lathe china, CNC vertical lathe... More
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cnc lathe

cnc lathe - GR-097BN

1, CNC lathe control system using the Taiwan new generation EZ3-T2 system, can also be configured according to user requirements of other brands of CNC system.2, CNC lathe spindle motor with variable frequency motor, speed can be real-time... More

Dongguan GuoRui Automation Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd
Main Products: cnc lathe、hydraulic lathe、automatic drilling machine、automatic tapping... More
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CNC lathe

CNC lathe - CL-25A/B

Chin Hung Machinery Co., Ltd.
Main Products: High speed precision lathe... More
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Heavy duty CNC vertical lathe

Heavy duty CNC vertical lathe - CK5240

Max. turning diameter of railhead (mm)4000Max. working height (mm)2000Max. weight of work-piece (t)10/30Table diameter (mm)3200Speed range of table (r/min)2~63Speed-step of tablesteplessMax torque of table (KN•m)63Max cutting resistance of right tool... More

Hommy aluminum bottle Co., Ltd.
Main Products: Industrial aluminum bottle, Solvent aluminum bottle, Powder aluminum... More
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