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Product Search Results for Interior Lighting Fixtures
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LED Ceiling Light

LED Ceiling Light - CE Seires

SOCC LED ceiling light brightens everything in the room meanwhile being energy-efficient. With the LED lighting device in your house or office, you may make your vision clearer ever.The LED ceiling light comes in different sizes that would suit your... More

Semicon Optronics Channel Corporation
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LED outdoor luminaire

LED outdoor luminaire - SL-100-S2/SL-150-R3

High brightness LED emittersPlease come to our showroom to get more other products information if you are also looking for other applications for toilets and bathrooms like Air Freshener, Automatic Non-Aerosol Fragrance Dispenser, Automatic Faucet... More

Pookoo Industrial Co., Ltd
Main Products: Automatic Faucet, Electronic Bidet, Auto Flusher, Auto Hand Dryer, Auto Soap Dispenser... More
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LED BULB(3W-15W) - 12WBulb LED Light

1 Emit bean light, average aperture, no speckle2 No UV, no fickering, good for eyes3 Good quality and good heat dissipation.4 High energy efficiency with low power consumption.5 Real replace 80-100W the traditional incandescent bulb6.Green and... More

Wuxi Gold Control Technology Co., Ltd.
Main Products: Solid State Relays, Controller, Semiconductors, Modules, relay... More
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Digital Light meter

Digital Light meter - DLM 530 , DLM 531

Digital Light meter : Model:DLM 530 Lux meter (Range : From 20 to 200,000 Lux ) Model: DLM 531 Lux/ Footcandle Meter (Range : 20 Lux,200 lux, 2000 lux, 20,000 Lux; 20fc, 200fc, 2000fc, 20,000fc) (CIE photopic f'1 No Specified... More

TECPEL Co., Ltd.
Main Products: TECPEL Quality Test Instruments Taiwan - Temperature Meter, Multimeter, Thermometers, Clamp Meter, Measuring Instrument... More
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LED Global bulb

LED Global bulb - 3-10w high power LED Global bulb

Wuxi Gold Control Technology Co., Ltd.
Main Products: Solid State Relays, Controller, Semiconductors, Modules, relay... More
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1. Size : 600mm(H) x 600mm(W) x 35mm(L)2. Color : White - 6500K, 6000K and 5500K3. Operation Power : 55W4. Voltage Input : AC100V~240V 50Hz~60Hz5. Operation Current Output : DC24V 2.5A6. Working temp. : -30~60 degree C7. LED life span : 50,000 hrs8.... More

LightVision Technologies, Crop.
Main Products: Laser:Laser Module, Industrial Laser Module and System, Laser Pointer, Computer Peripheral, Entertainment... More
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LED Heatsink

LED Heatsink - AA-008

YTS Technology Co., Ltd./YTS NANO Technology
Main Products: Heatsink, Heatsink With Clip, Heat Sink, DC-DC Converter application, CPU Cooler... More
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Bathroom lighting fixture

Bathroom lighting fixture - Vanity light

desk lamp, table lamps, hotel lighting, hospitality lighting, home lighting, chandelier lighting, pendant lamp, wall lamp, wall sconce, ceiling lamp, contemporary table lamps, contemporary floor lamps, nightstand lamps, beside lamp, crystal... More

Palace Hotel Lighting Co., Ltd.
Main Products: table lamps, desk lamp, home lighting, hotel lighting, light fixture... More
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Electronic ballast/ transfomer

Electronic ballast/ transfomer - 4

(1)full power factor output,high luminous efficiency,instant start without flick and noise.(2)small volume,light weight and low factor powe consume,energy-saving and enviroment protection.(3)it can be match with all kinds of light bulbs and accessoris of... More

CLIPAO Electrical Industrial Co., Ltd.
Main Products: switch, fixture, ballast... More
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t8 waterproof fluorecent lighting fixture

t8 waterproof fluorecent lighting fixture - JLA-118

water proofing, moisture proofing dust proofingIP Rating :IP65high quality and pretty competitive priceJLA-118Dimension: 675*100*87mmMax.watt:1*18WIP Rating: IP65Carton per carton: 70*22*37cmPcs per carton:10Lamp: T8 fluoresecent tubeMaterial available:... More

Cixi Junli Electric Co., Ltd
Main Products: light fixture, lighting fixture, waterproof light, tri-proof light... More
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T5 adapter,lighting fixture

T5 adapter,lighting fixture - energy saving,

Features:Replaces T8 /T10/ T12 fluorescent tubes with mechanical ballast (with/out correction capacitor).- More than 40% power savings + More Environmentally friendly Components = green lighting-Advanced technology, and perfect performance, warm start... More

zhengzhou helico technology co.,ltd
Main Products: T5 adapter, lighting fixture, light fittings, ballast and relative produc... More
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