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PVDF  Rotary Drum Pump

PVDF Rotary Drum Pump   2016-08-26

PVDF Hand Rotary Drum Pump With PVDF rotor, PTFE seal and vane, PVDF suction tube and spout. Outlet can be freely rotated from 0 ... More

Jaan-Huei Industrial Co., Ltd.
Categories: Pumps
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*Easy Folding Lid Pail, Plastic Buckets, Containers

*Easy Folding Lid Pail, Plastic Buckets, Containers   2016-08-26

New! Easy to open, easy to use! Features: *Unique new design for convenient use; *Easy-tear strip as tamper proof lid; *Tearing off the easy-tear strip leaves a holder for easy lifting; *The lid can be folded and opened easily; *Reusable; Press down the lid to click it close; *The pails can be stacked up, with considerable loading; *The lid ... More

Hdpe Star Enterprise Co., Ltd.- Plastic Pails Specialist
Categories: Animal Fats & Oils,  Cleaning Products,  Plastic Container
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KF Fittings / KF Vacuum Fittings/KF Vacuum Flanges/Kwik Vacuum Flanges

KF Fittings / KF Vacuum Fittings/KF Vacuum Flanges/Kwik Vacuum Flanges   2016-08-26

High vacuum Fittings and Components for High Vacuum System Stainless Steel KF Tube Adaptor SS304 & SS316L material. NW10 ~ NW50. Type: KF to KF, tapped, KF to ISO, KF to CF, KF to VCR, KF to swagelok. Special or non-standard sizes available upon request. ... More

DingTen Industrial Inc.
Categories: Pipe Fittings, General,  Contruction and Installation of Piping System,  Pipe Fittings, Steel Flanged
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Domino Design PVC Leather 6 In 1 Mulitiple Game Set

Domino Design PVC Leather 6 In 1 Mulitiple Game Set   2016-08-26

Games: chess, checker, backgammon, playng cards, dice, domino ... More

Duke International Cards & Games Co., Ltd.
Categories: Board Games ,  Chess Set
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V.35 Plugs & Receptacles

V.35 Plugs & Receptacles   2016-08-26

As a reliable electrical connector supplier, FU YAO is specialized in offering receptacle connector, plug and socket connectors, etc at reasonable price. The plug and socket connectors include a male plug (typically pin contacts) and a female receptacle. We offer the V.35 receptacle connector, a high-speed serial interface designed to ... More


Categories: PCB Connector ,  Other Connectors for Computer,  
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Molded Type Of AO2 & AO1 Connector

Molded Type Of AO2 & AO1 Connector   2016-08-24

1. Custom product show case - take a look at some of the many custom products made by Cambus. They are shown here to demonstrate our capability. 2. To be used as the modelof SPO2 at monitor side by Datex-Ohmeda & Novametrix. 3. Space for 3P, 7P, 9P,12P, 25P.   *Ordering Information A:Plug & Spacer   ... More

Cambus Corporation
Categories: Flat-Cable Connector
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In Line Dripper

In Line Dripper   2016-08-19

TND-0105(red-0.5 GPH) TND-0110(black-1.0 GPH) ... More

Twinco Irrigation Corp.
Categories: Drip Irrigation Equipment
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Screwdriver Kits

Screwdriver Kits   2016-08-17

The screwdriver kits completed with rubber handle are available in different types of Phillips and slotted screwdriver bits to meet drilling accessories applications. As a Taiwan-based supplier, Meeng Gang is famous for producing various hand tools worldwide. We provide complete screwdriver sets including a two double-ended screwdriver bits, a typical ... More

Meeng Gang Enterprise Co., Ltd.- Screwdriver Bits Manufacturer
Categories: Ratchet Screwdrivers,  Screwdriver Sets ,  Hand Tool Sets
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Horizontal Band Saw | Chyun Yow Cutting Machinery

Horizontal Band Saw | Chyun Yow Cutting Machinery   2016-08-12

The horizontal band saw is a heavy-duty bandsaw with automatic cutoff and manual blade tension features widely used for woodworking and metal cutting tasks. As a specialized manufacturer of vertical/ horizontal band saw with automatic or semi-automatic model in the industry, Chyun Yow provides the perfect cut with adjustable saw ... More

Chyun Yow Machinery Industry Co., Ltd.
Categories: Band Saw, Horizontal Type,  Auto Band Saw Machines,  Band Saw Machines
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Time Recorder

Time Recorder   2016-08-12

Way Fu is a leading time recorder supplier for over 30 years providing a full series of time clock products for keeping tracking of employee attendance in business. We offer time recorder solutions and services to meet any sized company and ideal for versatile applications such as recording employee hours ... More

Way Fu Industrial Co., Ltd.
Categories: Time Recorders & Time Clocks ,  Time Recorders ,  Time Recorder
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Flexible Metal Conduit (Inter-locked)

Flexible Metal Conduit (Inter-locked)   2016-08-11

★Flexible metal conduit (inter-locked) is used for the protection of electric wire/cable and other related products. It also can solve the problem of construction of angle that the rigid pipes (such as steel pipes and PVC pipe) can not overcome and then becomes easily in the installation and operation of ... More

Bliss Yih Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Categories: Union,  Transmission & Power Distribution System,  Other Wiring Accessories
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Cable Clip & Nail Assembly Machine

Cable Clip & Nail Assembly Machine   2016-08-10

It could use with hopper(H12)and package machine(P16). ... More

Zen-Young Industrial Co., Ltd.
Categories: Auto Assembly Production Lines,  Auto Assembly Machines
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2.6HP Table Type Ultra Fine Powder Pulverizing Machine

2.6HP Table Type Ultra Fine Powder Pulverizing Machine   2016-08-09

RT-UF26 is continuous type grinder with material input above and material output at the side. It can grind the materials up to 200-250MESH. Suitable for school, lab, or cosmetic, food, chemical, biotechnology, Chinese herb, medicall industries. Suitable for grinding: Food: soybean, black bean, green bean, red bean, coffee bean, adlay, multi-grain rice, oat, ... More

Rong Tsong Precision Technology Co.
Categories: Machinery for Food and Beverage Industries,  Crusher,  Grinders, Crushers & Screen Machines
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Photo Interrupter / Optical Switch

Photo Interrupter / Optical Switch   2016-08-08

FUNCTIONS Position detecting Paper detecting Signal detecting   APPLICATIONS Automatic control system Automation Equipment Scanner Printer Fax machine Copy machine Printing machine PC mouse Security system Counter Optical encoders Other relevant detection about position detecting、paper detecting、signal detecting ... More

OncQue Corporation (Bravotronics Corporation)
Categories: Copier Machines ,  Other Industrial Safety Equipments,  Printers & Accessories
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