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Product Search Results for High Frequency
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medium frequency machine

medium frequency machine - 60kw machine

We are one of the widest selections of induction heating power supplies in the industry. With output power ranging from 8kW to 350kW at frequencies ranging from 0.5kHz to 500kHz,We produces medium/ high frequency induction heating machine professionaly... More

Kechuang Electron
Main Products: induction heating machine, forging machine, welder... More
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ultrahigh frequency induction heating machine

ultrahigh frequency induction heating machine - 40kw machine

parameter of 40kw ultrhigh frequency induction heating machine: Input voltage: 3 phase 380V Input power: 40KVA Max input current: 60A Oscillating frequency: 100-300kHZ Water pressure : 0.15-0.3Mpa We are one... More

Kechuang Electron
Main Products: induction heating machine, forging machine, welder... More
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Ferrite Core

Ferrite Core - 2

LPI/LP Ferrite Core, Made of Mn-Zn and Ni-Zn, Various Types are AvailableModel... More

Shaanxi Gold-Stone Electronic Co.,ltd
Main Products: Ferrite Core, Bobbin, Inductor, Transformer, Chokes and Coils... More
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wireless remote controller

wireless remote controller - NT-

Those delicate remote controller is the best one among our remote controller series with high efficiency of electromagnetism conversion, big transmission power, low power consumption, sound wave resonator(SAW) component for stabilizing frequency, 6.5G... More

Nice-tech Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Main Products: wireless high frequency transmission&receiving module... More
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Interference Suppression Capacitor

Interference Suppression Capacitor - MKP

1. Features:1). Particular appearance,novel design..2)..Withstand temperature up to 105℃,rust resistant and flame resistant PBT plastic container, enveloped with flame resistant epoxy resin. 3). Withstand high voltage and resist outer electric... More

FengMing Electronic Science & Tech. Co.,Ltd.
Main Products: capacitor, metallized film capacitor, induction cooker capacitor... More
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Solar Anti-Mosquito Guard

Solar Anti-Mosquito Guard - YL-S0011

1) Uses high pitch sound waves to keep away mosquitoes. Almost silent, you won't notice it working.2) Working frequency: 8.5-10 KHz / 40-50Hz3) Built-in LED red assistant flashlight. Power: 2 x CR2032 battery.4) Three Settings: 0 = OFF, I = Male Mosquito... More

Quanzhou Yuanlin Electrics Science&Technology Co.,Ltd.(Marketing 2)
Main Products: soalr light, solar toy, garden light, lawn light, pest repeller... More
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Bobbin winding

Bobbin winding - BW

BW1 is an up-to-date Microprocessor controlled bench model of high quality and considerable value. lt is designed for high-frequency switching power coils, multifunctional controller and stable winding pitch system. Lt use a special inverter motor and... More

Centh Technology (China) Co., Ltd
Main Products: winding machine, electronic transformer, consume electronics... More
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Angell-DR - Angell-DR

Main FunctionDigital DetectorBlue Plus CCDScintillatorCesium Iodide,Csl / Gd202S,GOSEffective View Field17″×17″/ 17″×14″Filling Factor100%Pixel Matrix4k×4k,3kx3kPixel Size108um (micron)/ /140umMaximum Spac Resolution4.6lp/mm/3.57lp/mmGrayscale14bitsTime... More

Angell Technology Co., Ltd
Main Products: film digitizer... More
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Low Imp Type

Low Imp Type - RE

Fu-Herng Electronics Co., Ltd.
Main Products: Aluminum electrolytic capacitors... More
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Wondergun AirBlast Type

Wondergun AirBlast Type - W301-ES

This tool draws abrasives and liquid and then blasts them powerfully; it is quite useful to remove rust&grind the metal. This tool shows great power in woodworking,processing glasses etc, and spraying liquid on materials. This tool uses compressed air as... More

Main Products: pneumatic(air) tool... More
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online UPS

online UPS - online UPS

high frequency online... More

Shenzhen ZLPOWER Electronics Co.,Ltd
Main Products: UPS, Inverter, battery, power, emergency lights... More
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Hook & Loop Fastener Tape

Hook & Loop Fastener Tape - HL

Hook & Loop Fastener Tape can be appreciated to shoes, medical, sporting bag, carpets, toys and... More

Main Products: hook loop fasteners tape, garment accessories... More
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