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Product Search Results for Decking Screws
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deck screw

deck screw - DECK

With higher corrosion resistance than other coated-screws when istalled on ACQ deck . Excellent drilling performance than other screws of the same size... More

Sun-maku Co.,Ltd
Main Products: self drilling screw, self tapping screw, window screw, chipboard screw... More
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Belt Type Collated Screws

Belt Type Collated Screws - C13

ZEN-YOUNG INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD is a professional manufacturer of collated screws. By utilizing experienced technology for automaton, we developed a high-speed collated screw assembly machine (Output: 2000 pcs/min), also we developed new plastic strips in... More

Zen-Young Industrial Co., Ltd.
Main Products: Collated Screws System / Fastener Assembly Machines :Screw、Washer、Anchor、Nail、Blind Rivet、Drive Pin、Collated Pin Assembly Machine / Bonded EPDM Washers... More
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drywall screw

drywall screw - 01

Product Feature:1.Material : carbon steel 1022,2.Surface treatment: Black/Grey phosphated, white zinc plated, yellow zinc plated3.Size : 3.5*16~4.8*160mm4.Thread: Fine thread, coarse thread5.Point: Sharp point, drilling point6.Head: Pan framing head... More

Fuyang Kaima Metal Co.,Ltd
Main Products: drywall screw wood screw self-drilling screw self-tapping screw... More
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